Audio Visual Tools for People with Learning Disabilities

How To Install A Wired Security Camera System

A wired security camera system has many advantages over wireless systems, such as increased reliability and better image quality. This system is ideal for those who want a reliable, high-quality security system.  Below are the steps needed to install a wired security camera system. Secure Cabling Securing the cabling of your wired security camera system ensures a clean and organized setup and plays a vital role in maintaining the system's overall reliability and performance. Read More 

How A Lighting And Sound Engineer Can Make Your Wedding Day Even More Memorable

As your wedding day approaches and you look forward to tying up any loose ends in preparation for the big day, you're likely thinking back on a time when you envisioned this moment and couldn't wait for it to happen. Now that it's happening and you will officially tie the knot with the person who means everything to you, it's only natural to want the wedding ceremony and reception to turn out perfectly. Read More 

The Benefits Of Using An A/V Company

If you hear the word A/V and automatically think of a substitute teacher rolling a cart down the hallway with a movie queued up, times have changed. In the modern world, technology is always improving. This can be great, but it also means that companies need to continuously update their equipment and services to stay current. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, A/V company services can help. Here's how. Read More 

Six Problems You Can Overcome If You Hire A Lighting Engineer

If you're struggling with lighting challenges on your property, one of the best things you can do is hire a lighting engineer. The following are six problems you can overcome if you hire a lighting engineer.  You Don’t Have Enough Lighting for Everyday Tasks on the Interior And/or Exterior of Your Property Having enough lighting on the inside and outside of your buildings is important for everyday tasks. A lighting engineer has a thorough understanding of how much lighting is needed for various tasks. Read More 

What You’ll Need For a Home Theater System

Are you transforming a room of your home into a home theater? If so, it will help to know all of the things that you'll need to purchase to make it come together. The Screen One of the first things you'll need to decide on is what kind of screen you want for your home theater. If your main concern is size, you'll likely want to go with a projector rather than a TV. Read More